Make every day count

It’s hard not to stop and think about my friends and family that live in Texas. This has been a difficult week for all of them and the road ahead is as uncertain as the path of the storm. Having lived through several hurricanes myself I’m reminded of the loss these natural disasters leave in their path. I am also reminded of the resilience of the human spirit and how in the face of adversity we put all of our differences aside and rise to the occasion. I don’t intend to get all philosophical on you this week but I would like to share this poem “The Dash” as a reminder that what we do with our time on this earth is what counts. Make sure that everything you put your time and effort in is worth it, that it matters and that most importantly it brings you joy. As I look forward to every run this week I will embrace the freedoms I am afforded, I will be grateful for the gifts I have been given and I will live every moment, every mile, every breath to the max… because I don’t know what tomorrow will bring.


Today was a good day, my meeting schedule was manageable, I was able to leave work on time and I got my run in at a decent time. Fall weather seems to be around the corner and I’m ready for it. 4.26 miles in 31:42, that felt awesome!


Well, I’m glad I got my first run in early this morning… 5:16am 4.03miles in 32:31 which is not bad. No sooner I was done with my run I’m getting calls from work, come to find out our offices in India were getting pounded by torrential rains… Most of my team sits in India and of course I feel powerless, I can’t imagine the chaos and dangers they are facing. My first thought is; what can we do to ensure their safety, what can we do half way across the world… I am grateful for the leaders in our company that stepped up and made things work, again amazing how we can come together and make things happen. Needless to say it been a long stressful day, and as much as I need my second run, it’s better to just wait until tomorrow.


My day off turned into make-up day. Start off with an early morning recovery run 5.01miles in 40:32. Work day is somewhat back to normal, although my mind keeps drifting off to my colleagues in Texas and Mumbai, they tell me they are ok, but I’ve been ok before and I know that what we say… second run of the day are 800m repeats. These are far from fun and are best done on a track… so I get in my car after a long day at work and I hit the track. 8.92miles in 1:09:00, that felt terrible and good at the same time…


On the road again early today 3.96miles in 31:10 this morning, for some reason I’m just not feeling it today… It’s a busy day today at work, trying to help our colleagues in our multiple locations however we can and balancing it all with our client commitments. I am proud of my company, I’m proud of my team and I’m grateful for it all. Sometimes you just have to stop and say that out loud, press pause and reflect, recharge… I’m actually skipping run two tonight not because I can’t do it, but I need to spend some time with my family…


Another day off that has turned into make-up day… no worries, the goal is simple, don’t miss a workout even if you need to make it up some other day. Back on the track for 800m repeats today, this time a little slower because I picked lunch time to go running…. I had no choice, we are going camping this weekend and I need to finish packing and hit the road after work all without skipping a beat…


Oh how I love the outdoors, the mountain air is incredibly refreshing and even though the terrain is difficult the views are just amazing. My first run this morning was a scouting run, checking out the lay of the land so to speak. 4.01miles in 33:38, there are definitely some rolling hills here… It has started to rain, so I’m going to need to keep an eye on the weather. I’ve asked my wife to come run with me, what else is there to do?!? It took some serious convincing, but she obliged 8.46miles in 1:11:56,  there are some serious hills here (did I mention that already?) and tomorrow is going to be rough… despite the rain I’m determined to sleep in my hammock, there is nothing more serene and relaxing than sleeping outdoors.


The weather up here is just near perfect, I’m out on the road a little later than I normally would but that’s ok. 14.33miles in 2:15:19 not my fastest run but with over 1400’ in elevation gain I will take it. I have the rest of the day to just relax and enjoy the outdoors. We head out to explore the resort and the kids are having a blast, we get a nice hike in before we head back for lunch and we close out the day with some horseback riding… interesting fact; my grandfather trained race horses, I have two uncles and a cousin all of which were professional jockeys and today was the first time in my life I ever rode a horse, gotta live every moment…

This has been a rollercoaster week, deeply insightful for me and certainly challenging. As I look out to next week and the training schedule I find myself at times conflicted. Am I really making the most of my “dash”, is it all worth the time and sacrifice? I certainly hope so; I hope that by sharing my journal, my story, I am helping others realize that despite all the distractions, all the adversity and struggles you can pursue your passion, you can chase your dreams, you can make every day, moment, second count…  



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