We have to accept the good and the bad

This post has been almost 3 weeks in the making, and you’d think I would have all kinds of great things to share about my running. But the truth is it’s been some hard few weeks and I have had to look at running as a metaphor for life, there are going to be good days and there are going to be bad days, it’s what you learn from both that make you stronger. We have a choice to make after each experience; you can learn from them or you can let them tear you down. You see both good and bad present an opportunity to learn something new or affirm the things we should already know. Even though it may not seem this way at times, they both foster growth but only if we are willing to accept the lesson and only if we are truly present in that moment. You also can’t lose sight that good and bad are a matter of perspective; you see what may seem bad for you could be good for someone else and vice versa. Remember to always be forward thinking and ask yourself; what can I learn from this? How can I grow from this experience?
These past few weeks’ two different people have given me great advice/reminders and both with perfect timing. You see I’ve been beating myself up with my inconsistent performance and I simply lost sight of the goal. Not only did I fail to be present in the moment; I failed to acknowledge my role in the journey. First off, being present is about truly listening to your heart; it’s about taking risks and pushing through all the hard stuff to achieve your goals/dreams. Secondly, understanding your role in your own journey can bring a different perspective to a seemly difficult time or experience. In my case being present is all about accepting each run as a stepping stone, pushing myself harder each time I go out, taking risks by stepping out of my comfort zone. And although my goal is personal my journey is a shared experience, and not losing sight of that has made me realize that even at my worst (running of course) I’m inspiring others, pushing them to step outside their comfort zone, giving them courage to take risks and most importantly I’m leading by example.

Monday 10/2 

This month I decided to work on some strength training in parallel with my running. I have a circuit training routine I follow called “The Vern” it incorporates body weighted exercises into interval running circuit. Because I’m limited in time during the day I go for 3 rounds; 10 pull-ups .25 mile run, 20 dips .25 mile run, 25 push-ups .25 mile run, 30 sit-ups .25 mile run. Today I covered 3.10 in 31:21. Second run of the day was a late recovery run 4.20miles in 30:20.

Tuesday 10/3

Today a repeat of yesterday “The Vern” 3.38miles 31:27 second run was 6.03miles in 45:24. The weather has cooled down a bit in the afternoons and it has significantly helped with my pacing.

Wednesday 10/4

Let’s keep the pattern going; “The Vern” today I covered 3.02 in 30:51 second run was 7.10miles in 53:56

Thursday 10/5

No time today for anything else; took my daughter out with me for some training. Let’s see how far we can go in 30 mins? 2.62miles in 30:06.

Friday 10/6

Another busy day today, too many meetings to do much running but I have my “Let me Run” boys this afternoon and we are covering some ground this week 2.07miles in 21:22.

Saturday 10/7

I have a couple of runs today and a busy day ahead, here is the plan go out early for the recovery run and later tonight run the intervals. Here is what happened; got up early ran 4.09miles in 32:50 decided to run the interval workout right after 5.87miles in 46:11. Now I can go about my day without worrying about having to work in a later run.

Sunday 10/8

This is where I got a little lost this week, today’s long run called for 20 miles. My initial reaction was; “this didn’t go well” knowing where I need to be in my training 20.77miles in 3:07:09 meant my average pace was off by 1:45 of where I need to be at this point. Looking back there were a few lessons here; 1 – My nutrition was not where it needed to be, the day before I ate poorly and way too early. 2 – Weather was a big factor, mid 70’s at 4am and the humidity above 90% certainly took a toll on me. 3 – New route caused me to second guess my decision several times during the run. In hindsight there were a number of factors within my control that I could have corrected.

Monday 10/9  

Trying to pick up where I left off “The Vern” was the run of the day 2.98miles in 31:05

Tuesday 10/10

Time crunch this week at work so today was day two of the “The Vern” covered 3.00 in 31:01

Wednesday 10/11

Interval training today, I need to get out on the street and really dig into this plan. 6.11 miles in 47:57 got a little push/inspiration today from David Goggins,  talk about being pumped…

Thursday 10/12

Well that was short lived… work is kicking my butt back in the gym for “The Vern” 2.92miles in 32:01

Friday 10/13

Back in school with my “Let me Run” crew, today I had them run a little extra. We covered 3.06miles in 30:14

Saturday 10/14

Today we are doing a preview run for the Novant Health Charlotte Marathon running the first half with a good friend, the goal was to keep the pace between 9:00-9:15 as it turns out we killed it covering 13.33miles in 1:55:19 that was 8:39pace and the run felt good

Sunday 10/15

Long run today did not happen, came down with some nasty virus and my body just shut down. Talk about a bad day…

Every day I push myself, I give it my all and although some days are certainly better than others and I always learn something. Make sure you are present each day, make sure you are taking those risks and learning from each experience, good or bad there is always s lesson to be learned. I’ll leave you with this; that long run that I bombed, I was reminded that through the lens of others that run was an amazing accomplishment, that even my worse could be someone personal best and that is a lesson in it of itself.

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