It’s 2018 and I’m back…

So let’s get one thing straight… I hate New Year’s resolutions. The idea that I’m going to do something different in the New Year, because of what I didn’t do in the prior year is preposterous. Just set a goal, make a plan and stick to it, there is no ‘line in the sand’. All that being said; I’m going for my BQ attempt again, this year on the docket I have 3 tries and I have purposely cut out all other ‘activities’ to ensure I focus on my training.

Here’s the way it will go down:

Training starts on 1/9/2018 as per the plan, but why wait until then?!?! I’m kicking off the year with a self-imposed challenge; run 2018 miles in 2018, this is roughly 5.5 miles a day. Marathon number 1 will be The St. Jude Rock & Roll Nashville on 4/28 and I will start documenting my training on my weekly blog so keep me accountable. I have tons of valid excuses these first few weeks of the year so I need a lot of encouragement. And with two full weeks of running on the books I should be ready to rock-n-roll in April.

Week 1 Dec 31 – Jan 6

This was hard week for me; I literally worked around the clock for the first few days of the year, the bonus of working in Payroll and going live with a new system on January 1st. I got my runs in whenever and wherever I could. Most of my teammates thought I was insane when in between calls I would lace-up and go for a run, call me crazy, but I think the only way you can reach you goals is to put in the work. Weekly mileage total: 31.78 Average miles per day: 4.54. I got some ground to make up.

Week 2 Jan7 – Jan 13

Not much difference in the workload this week, maybe not around the clock days which allows me a little bit more time and energy for making up the miles. My philosophy this year is #runeveryday #runeverywhere there are no excuses, even valid ones, I’m going to make this year an amazing running year and will bring you along for the journey.

Weekly mileage total: 41.85 Average miles per day: 5.98. Making up some ground this week.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet and just share where my runs have taken me these past two weeks.

Always making forward progress!

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