Rediscovering your hidden talents

Have you ever had that moment when things just click? I remember years ago finding myself writing a lot, the circumstances then were certainly different and the inspiration somewhat ill guided. However some of my best poetry, in my humble and uber biased opinion, was written then. This time it is different, I have been inspired to write by a passion that has brought joy and tranquility into my life. Running has made me a better person; not only physically, but emotionally and at some level spiritually as well. Running has pushed me to write this blog, a narration of my journey that hopefully will inspire others to join me along the way. But most significantly running has reawakened my desire to write poetry, lines inspired by the journey and by the scenery that I call my canvas.

Things just clicked for me this week and I want to share poem with you…

Night Runner

Daylight fades; the world that surrounds me inches closer to slumber

My will is tested as I am tempted to close my eyes and join them

But as an artist is dedicated to his craft, I pick up my tools and begin to work

My canvas is made of gravel and my brush has rubber soles

Each night I paint a new work of art, each night I refine my skills

Drawing inspiration from the sleeping world I push harder and harder

Every day I go farther, every day I get stronger, every day closer to my masterpiece…

Week 4 Jan21 – Jan 27

I think all the poetry slowed me down this week. I do feel somewhat grounded and listening more to my body has allowed me to make the necessary adjustments to make everything fit into a busy schedule. This week I got all caught up with my training plan, I had some early prep runs I had missed in late December these were shorter and meant to be recovery runs. This coming week I will need to pick up the distance a bit, I have a half marathon at the end of February and I intend to crush it J

Weekly mileage total: 37.38 Average miles per day: 5.34. I’m right on track for #2018in2018

Sometimes I run early in the morning and catch a glimpse of a beautiful sunrise too

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