Crazy, obsessed or determined?

Ever since I started on my running journey I have been called many things; crazy is probably the most frequent one. Who knows, maybe I am a little crazy, but I know that running actually keeps me sane. If you know my story and some of my personal struggles you would probably agree that running has been one of the best things to ever come into my life. Besides like the song says “we’re never gonna survive, unless we are a little crazy”. My other favorite is being called obsessed, and if by obsessed you mean willing to run anywhere and anytime, then I am obsessed… no doubt! The thing is every chance I get to go for a run I feel more connected to my environment. It is the closest thing to grounding I can get and if I have the strength in my legs and the air in my lungs, I’m going to run no matter what, when or where.

In contrast I like to think of myself as determined; every run brings me closer to a goal. And every goal brings me closer to myself. I know that sounds a bit selfish, but if I can become a better me then I am a better person for everyone in my life. And my determination is what gets me closer to that goal. So which one are you? What describes you best? Or are you like me, the right amount of all three…

As a tribute to my crazy obsession I wrote a poem inspired by one of my runs this week.

Running in the rain 

I glance out my window and see only gray skies

As I prepare for my run the streets are no longer dry

Rain is now pouring, but should I be discouraged?

No doubt, but my inner child is instead eager and excited

To play in the rain, to run free of worries and thoughts

To revisit my youth and splash all around

To get lost in the rhythm of the rain and its melodious sound

Week 5 Jan28 – Feb3

The weather this week has been a rollercoaster ride; it’s been raining, warm like spring, icy and ridiculously cold all in the span of a few days. Talk about being crazy… I think a little bit of insanity was needed to get through each day. Not to mention the fact that work continues to be insane as well. Nevertheless I managed to run my highest mileage week to date and my longest run of the year. From here on out the runs will be getting longer in preparation for my first marathon in April

Weekly mileage total: 49.30 Average miles per day: 7.04. #2018in2018

Long run this week was cold…

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