Keeping it simple; Knowledge is power – Sir Francis Bacon (1597)

We are all familiar with this expression, and in its simplicity there is in fact a powerful message. There are also many views on how to interpret it, the way I look at it is; as you become more knowledgeable in a subject, your mastery of the subject increases. This concept is one you can apply to just about everything you do, for me it’s about how I apply it to my running. There are countless books on form, breathing, recovery, technique, etc.… The amount of information can certainly become overwhelming. My approach has been to focus on one concept; the basics strategies for endurance running. I realize that in my age group the competition is fierce, therefore I cannot measure my success on how I stack up against others but more so on how I stack up against yesterday’s me. And as such, my training has to support these goals. My favorite technic and one that has worked the best for me has been to run-walk-run; I have a variation of this approach depending on the distance I am running. I also keep track of how effective this is when combining with other training strategies, when it begins to lose its effectiveness I adjust and continue to do so until I see the results I’m wanting.

Data = Knowledge; Knowledge = Mastery

I should however mention (disclaimer) that mastery in a particular training strategy does not qualify me as an expert. I can only provide insight into what has worked for me, at my age and where I am in my running journey. My advice would be to try different strategies while working on your fundamentals and when you find the right fit, master it!

No poetry this week but I promise I have something nice planned for next week.

Week 7 Feb11 – Feb17

This was a tough week, in many ways it was a learning week for me. It was an opportunity to both, pull back on the throttle and to push myself. I ran my two recovery runs with my little girl, which was a great way to pull back the pace and really focus on both recovery and quality family time. As I continue to chip away at the miles I’m reminded of what a true challenge it is to run every day.

Weekly mileage total: 44.60 Average miles per day: 6.37. #2018in2018

1st recovery run with my little girl

Getting ready for another one of my favorite races #PGDC

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