Every obstacle overcome is a victory worth celebrating

My weekly blog lately has been turning into a bi-weekly affair… It seems that in my eagerness to climb the proverbial corporate ladder I neglected to take into account the time investment it would require to really be successful. But, as I said in my last post; change is the catalyst for growth, therefore I’m embracing the suck as we say in F3 and celebrating every small victory. You see it’s easy to lose sight of these small victories in the midst of all the chaos; the successful client call, the completion of a small project, the leaving the office at 5pm, all small victories worth celebrating. Sometimes it takes getting thrown in the fire to help you appreciate every positive outcome. Those things that we take for granted suddenly become incredibly fulfilling experiences.

This past weekend I participated in a GoRuck event, this was truly an amazing and humbling experience. It was my second GoRuck event ever and it was not for the faint of heart. The cadres that lead the event were both army special forces and they did everything to break us down and rebuild us as stronger men. During the 12+ hours of the event my mind was in the moment, all the stress of work was gone (victory), all the worries of deadlines and deliverable were nonexistent (victory), all the “to do” lists were a distant memory in my head (victory). And even though I was literally weigh down by a 40 pound ruck and the occasional “coupon”; everything else that was weighing me down was lifted (big victory). You see I was reminded that at the end of the day our success is not measured by the medals we win or the patches we earn but by reveling in each small victory we have along the way.

My challenge to you is to really focus on these positive experiences, look around you and you will see something good at every turn.

Celebrating the course

As a river pushes forward carving out its path

It celebrates each turn, overcoming every obstacle

So should we feel victorious at every mile ran

For with every stride we inch ever so closer to our goal

As the water is meticulous in filling every crevice, every pool

It rejoices in the majesty of its own abilities

So should we take in every moment of the race

Exulting the applause, reveling life, celebrating you


Week 10 Mar4 – Mar10

Running with a purpose was the name of the game, cranking out the miles was the objective even though the weather in the Carolinas continues to be bi-polar.

Weekly mileage total: 47.19 Average miles per day: 6.74. #2018in2018


Week 11 Mar11 – Mar17

GoRuck was the culminating event this week; we covered a ton of miles and did a lot of PT, a lot!! It made that St. Patty’s day beer that much more enjoyable (Uber Victory!!)

Weekly mileage total: 42.82 Average miles per day: 6.12. #determined

Ok so patches are a win too! Earned some badass ones this weekend

Me and cadre Chuy, this guy is a beast and he runs fast too!!

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