Change is the catalyst for growth

As I look back at my running journey I can’t help but notice that the biggest growth came after a period of change. Sometimes this change was unrelated to my running all together, but nevertheless it made an impact on my progress. It’s important that you take an inventory of your goals and evaluate how changes in your life have made an impact on your dedication and ability to achieve these. This is not an easy exercise and it often leads to discovering what we thought were setbacks at the time, were actually the catalyst for growth.

Now, what can you do with this information? That’s where it can get tricky; as we try and navigate through a sea of change how can we leverage this information to fuel future growth? In my experience; I’ve tried to look at these peaks and valleys and worked to pin point any discernable patterns. Whenever I find a behavior or an event that precedes a period of growth I look to see if it is something repeatable and really sustainable. At that point I can make a choice to continue to engaging in the behavior or to recreate the event if possible. There are however occasions when the causation may be something you don’t want to repeat; i.e. a stressful event that may have pushed you to run farther or faster. So it’s important to really weigh the cost benefit of any situation.

Growth in every aspect of our lives will always be preceded by change. It’s how we adapt to this change that will determine how it will impact our growth potential.

Here is a new running inspired Haiku

New beginnings

Breaking through the earth

Life springs from decay and change

Again free to run

So I just realized I didn’t write a blog last week… I reckon working a gazillion hours had something to do with it

Week 8 Feb18 – Feb24

This was a great running week, I got to spend some time in Florida and run one of my all-time favorite races, the Gasparilla Half Marathon.

Weekly mileage total: 47.60 Average miles per day: 6.80. #2018in2018

Week 8 Feb25 – Mar3

Sometimes the best thing to do is to say nothing at all… Which obviously I already failed at doing… and I’m still writing…

Weekly mileage total: 41.91 Average miles per day: 5.99. #determined

My mom, my life coach joined me for a run

Spanish moss and a beautiful sunrise #florida

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